I Did It!


I have launched my blog! I’ve wanted to do so for some time, but my perfectionism has paralyzed me.  A million questions have buzzed in my head such as:

1.  What if I make a grammatical or spelling error and everyone knows I am stupid?

2.   What if, God Forbid, I seem braggerty* or boastful?

3.  What if there is no one out there who cares a flying f*** about anything I have to say?

          (I’m a recovering academic – forgive the numbering, it’s just the way I am.)

I think I finally have an answer to those head questions. I have developed what one of my blogging heroes Jenny Lawson calls a layer of I-have-no-shits-left-to-give-about-this-ness.

1 A.  For those critics, real and imagined, I present them with this gift:

, , , , , , , ,   Commas for comma errors

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz – Letters for spelling errors

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ – Capital letters for capitalization errors

, . ? ‘ “ “ ; : – Various punctuation marks for punctuation errors

Your welcome.

2 A. For the folks who might take offense that I seem to be boasting about what I’ve done.       Oh well, some folks just don’t know awesome when they see it.

3 A. I think I’m really writing this for me, not an audience. I want to record my observations of life from the dog park. If there are others who find any kind of value in these ramblings, I’m glad to see you.

Make sure your dog is socialized, clean up after yourself and your dog, and play nice!

Cats welcome only if they don’t leave shit around for the dogs to eat.

*I reserve the right to make up words, as I need them. Language is fluid – go with the flow.